Lesson series

03-A Quiet Place

Month 2 of our Exploration where we look at how to find a Quiet Place
A Quiet Place

What's included?

  • Explore London through art and stories
  • Share your stories and experiences
  • Take up the weekly challenge
  • Join the exclusive weekly live call
  • Share with like minds in the Community

Discover a Quiet Place in a busy city

We will look at all the benefits of finding a quiet place and how to find one even in the midst of noise anxiety and confusion

The art and the story

 We will talk about the stories behind the art and finding encouragement to apply to our every day life
Meet the instructor

Nicky Jameson

Nicky Jameson is a Digital Artist,and Creative Entrepreneur. A social media pioneer since 2002 she has has been published in several leading digital art magazines and frequently provides marketing tips and information for artists to better market their art online. Nicky uses her art to tell stories and bring together a community of lovers of London and Britain to learn about and master together the essence of British culture, heritage and style.
Nicky Jameson - Course author
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