Londontopiacollective Community and Academy

Join an exclusive, online community of like minded curious explorers and storytellers. Navigate London through art and stories, thoughtful conversation, informative ideas and meaningful dialogue.
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Londontopiacollective Community and Academy

Navigate hidden London through courses, units, lessons, quizzes , virtual walks through  photos, stories and beautiful artwork in an exclusive, members only private online community with curious, fun and like-minded peers.

 All in One Place

Explore London's culture, heritage and style brought to you by a Londoner, all in one place, whether you know London a lot or a little and find support, inspiration and connection.

 Highly Engaging Courses

Outstanding Video, Activities, Live Sessions, "Virtual Walks"  lessons and Quizzes. Test your knowledge.

 A Community of Storytellers

Learn to  tell your own story and share with others. Become a better storyteller.

 Exclusive and Private

Exclusive content, deeper conversations, richer interactions, and online virtual events away from distractions. This is not another free Facebook Group.

 Monthly or Yearly Subscription

Enjoy access to courses, bonus and behind the scenes content and community. 30 days trial period.

 Video Conferencing

Enhanced learning with Live Q+A sessions.
Enjoy Virtual walks
Join a thriving community
 themed courses
polls and quizzes

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What our learners say

The Academy has everything that I need to learn about hidden London and more: themed courses, weekly challenges, polls e-books, live sessions, interactive video, virtual walks and community plus hosts who are skilled and experienced, and ready to help at any time.
Jenna White
I am thrilled to find this friendly community of curious explorers and storytellers. The courses are well-thought out and interesting, conversation is inspiring and I've already learned so much more about London history - without even having to travel further than my armchair.
Walter Gomez
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