Over The Years

Sep 7

Different Paths

Over the years I've told my stories through art and photos and to a lesser extent writing.  So I am quite excited to be able to share some of those stories and the inspiration behind them through a series of virtual walks through parts of London, most of which is hidden well away from the more familiar landmarks.

Creating and making videos of these journeys takes me right back there and even brings back some things I didn't know - and thought I did. There is always something new to learn and things are always changing as well, that's London for you.

In our Walk across Hampstead Heath we discovered a new historic landmark we never knew existed... and the fun of it was that it was a Londontopiacollective community member who made the discovery so compelling!
Now that is the fun of sharing London... what might seem so mundane to one is a wonderful brand new discovery to us all and part of how we tell stories.
I hope you join us on our virtual walks, the more the merrier.

Now I will be taking you on some of these walks with me.

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