Sep 20 / Nicky Jameson

London Community Open for Enrolment

London Community Open for Enrolment

Sep 20 / Nicky Jameson
And we're open! 

Londontopia Collective Academy and Community is now open for enrolment and we are happy to welcome our new community members to something new and exciting as we bring London to you and do our best to make it feel as if you were there. 

On Friday September 17 I did a special live session Intro talking about what our community is all about, our big purpose that keeps us focused and all the fun benefits - results and transformation - that members of this community can expect to receive.

Contribution is key and community - real community where we can meet each other where we are and make new relationships - is the key in these days of  uncertainty.

And that's why we have lots of options to join the community, including a free 30 day trial, a special subscription rate and even limited scholarships. And that's in addition to our already super-value-packed subscriptions on offer.

If you missed our Intro session on September 17
you can watch it here:

You can also sign up to our schools newsletter to get notified of upcoming live sessions,webinars and news.

Want to discover the stories and the journey and share your own? Why not join us in the Londontopiacollective Academy and Community and learn with others how to tell  your story and why it's so important to share our memories with each other.

I am so excited to be bringing fun people together in community and unity in these times.

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