Getting Ready

Sep 7 / Nicky Jameson
With things still being in flux and travel still limited. I got to thinking it was time to think bigger and cast aside at least some limitations.  Perhaps we can't  quite go to London yet, and maybe it will be some time before we even feel safe flying. So how about bringing the rich culture and excitement of London to us so we can experience it wherever we happen to be?  Perhaps it's time to learn to travel wider without needing to leave our places - for the time being at least.

Perhaps there is a way to explore our stories, share our experiences and have meaningful conversations with curious like-minded peers who love to share their stories too.

And of course, walk London.

We are getting ready to do just that... together.

One Big Purpose
We created Londontopiacollective Community as a place to meet and discover hidden London as well as the more familiar places.
What is Londontopia Collective Community?
More than just a web site,it's an exclusive private membership and community where we discover what unites us through art, walks and courses and conversation. It's place to enjoy connection, meaningful insights and conversation and learn how your stories can uplift and encourage others. Want to become a better storyteller? Here's where you can learn.

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How does it all work?

How does it all work?
Very simply. Once you subscribe you get full access to thoughtfully constructed themed courses to take you on an experience of London and environs. Each week there's a new activity and you can go at your own pace. Activities include polls, challenges, quizzes or e-book reading exercise to expand your knowledge. In each activity members are invited to share their thoughts in the community so that others can benefit from their stories insights and experiences. The community thrives when each of us contributes stories and memories that are important and meaningful to us, and when we seek to give and not simply to get and members are encouraged to share photos, poems, insights and what matters to them about London.

Every couple of weeks we have live sessions where we all get to meet others, ask questions and share what we've been doing. This is one of the high spots of the community. Members also get access to the artist,k Nicky Jameson who, as well as answering questions about London, tells her stories in her unique way and shares the inspiration behind her art pieces, in ways not done anywhere else.

And if that wasn't enough, there are also virtual walks... taking you through a local London neighbourhood through video, art and photos.
While we are launching Phase 1, Phase 2 will be even more exciting for all our members.
Something you really don't want to miss.
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Online learning, themed courses, experiences, live sessions and community. Navigate London together with us...learn about its culture, heritage and style and share your own stories in a  distraction-free members-only community.
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