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Let's Walk London - together! Join Londontopia Collective Community and Academy, a private interactive online academy and community created so that we can explore London and environs together through textured art, learn to tell our stories, celebrate our memories, experiences and perspectives, and navigate together that which enables us to embody our unity and define a future we want the world to have.
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At Londontopia Collective Community and Academy we are about getting results and transformation through one big exciting, shared purpose: navigating London through art and stories, thoughtful conversation, informative ideas and meaningful dialogue.

Join our community today to explore London's culture, heritage, history, challenges, places and style sharing the stories that collectively inspire and empower our lives.

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Join Londontopia Collective Academy Today

We created the Londontopia Collective Community to bring you together with equally passionate people ready for something new.
And you can learn right here from the comfort of your own home, space or wherever you happen to be - in an exclusive and private online community. This is not another Facebook Group!

Perhaps you are a collector of London inspired art, or you admire London and Great Britain, you've visited or want to visit London and have fond memories and stories to share, or you are simply curious about London...you'll find motivation inspiration, informative ideas, conversation and encouragement in a fun interactive group of storytellers and like-minded peers. And you'll discover hidden London!
Let's navigate and master something important to you - London. Together.

Get Results and Transformation

  • Feel and experience London like being there through art, writing, photos and discussion
  • Learn how your stories memories are important and how they impact others you interact with
  • Learn about British heritage, culture, traditions, perspectives and meanings
  • Share your challenges with passionate like minds
  •  Unlock hidden London, the streets, the buildings, pubs, historical places and the history of its famous icons
  • Practice contributing to thoughtful polls, thought provoking questions and fun challenges
  • Participate in weekly  "Office Hours Q +A" to help overcome isolation and build friendship, connection and confidence
  • Celebrate - your memories and memory keeping
  • Share your favourite London and British related places, stories, memories - even foods (like marmalade, tea and chutney!)
  • Always have something new to learn… even when we know it we don't always know it all - we embrace that!
  • Build new relationships with people who love and appreciate London, environs and the UK
  • Get the real story and the meaning behind it, the words their history and what  do they really mean?
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All In One Place

Enjoy London for you brought to you by a Londoner, all in one place. Forget searching endlessly online through tons of information and distraction.

Content and Community

Find new, fresh ideas and new practices that you can take into your daily life with virtual walks Live sessions with members to chat, share and connect and weekly challenges to motivate and inspire. Members enjoy access to rich monthly themed courses plus bonus material not shared anywhere else.

We are Storytellers

Join a community of storytellers and be fascinated with each other's stories and experiences and learn to tell your own story in a fun and supportive community.

Exclusive and Private

Exclusive content, deeper conversations, richer interactions, and online virtual events.
Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and perspectives each and every day in our supportive private and ad-free community. 

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At Londontopia Collective Community you can connect with others who are like-minded, curious and love or admire London and its environs and all over Great Britain.
You'll find support and resources, and meaningful dialogue enabling you to share your stories, experiences, perspectives and learn new practices
so that we can make each other stronger, more knowledgeable, more connected and better storytellers.

Join Londontopia Collective Community and Academy today
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Meet Your Host

Nicky Jameson

Nicky Jameson is an artist, author, podcaster, photographer and storyteller. A born and bred Londoner, Nicky's  textured multi-layered artwork of London has helped her tell her many stories of  London, maintain connection, make memories and given voice to others to share their own  unique stories to encourage others and support their own life journey. At Londontopia Collective Community and Academy Nicky will be our guide through some exciting themes and experiences, unlocking hidden London around our shared purpose, making  us stronger, more connected, more hopeful, better storytellers and ultimately more united.
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